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    Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I have spent my life living on islands, celebrating nature through my lenses. From the raw and pristine beauty of the outer west coast of Canada, to the exotic biodiversity of the Big Island of Hawaii, I am compelled to promote the preservation of the earth, the ocean, and wild creatures through my work.
    The Big Island’s ecology, history, and culture have lead to endless exciting photographic possibilities; it is a place of great passion and inspiration. TV, magazines such as HanaHou, and many others have used my images. I have also published a limited edition lava book and have plans for another.

    My high-definition, extreme molten lava action video of Hawaii Island’s eruptive Kilauea Volcano is highly sought after, and has appeared in documentaries and TV specials produced by NBC, National Geographic, and the world over. I am currently working on my second feature length molten lava documentary. Based on the Big Island and on the southwest coast of British Columbia, I continue to document the ongoing Kilauea lava flow not only through my lenses, but also in my blog reports - Hawaiian Lava Daily. http://hawaiianlavadaily.blogspot.com/


    Email: leigh.hi1@hawaiiantel.net

    Email: leigh.hi1@hawaiiantel.net